A Savage's Life written by G.R. Weslo at Spillwords.com

A Savage’s Life

A savage’s life

written by: G.R. Weslo


What is it that man can be proud of?
What is it that returns to us our humanity?
After we have wiped the blood from the bayonet and the sweat from our brow
After the bile has left a rotten taste lingering in our mouths
What do we do?
What sweetness returns us to life?
What light keeps us smiling?
What is it that makes man proud?
Is it our propensity for hate and violence or is it the hidden compassion found in love?
The tears that fall for ones passed from our lives bring authenticity with their sadness
It is in our capacity to love that we find our humanity and it is also there we find our savagery
It is in this pure humanistic duality that we are separated from animals
And it is in our choice of love over the savagery that we may be proud



What makes us human?

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