A Year Waiting, A Morning's Preparation by Thomas Park at Spillwords.com

A Year Waiting, A Morning’s Preparation

A Year Waiting, A Morning’s Preparation

written by: Thomas Park



At the farmhouse
Wind through trees
Sounds of cooking,
Water boiling, knives cutting potatoes

Though we used to share most meals
It’s now once a year at best

Make it a feast

4 hours preparation
First one stuffed is turkey

Stepfather in living room, on
Comfortable chair, wearing glasses, reading book

For Mom and me, it’s a project
I am given the occasional task,
Leaning, excited, on the table’s corner

At last, ’round noon, the meal is ready
Table full, silverware set, lit candle

A prayer is said, and food consumed
My only regret

That a year of waiting, morning cooking
Couldn’t take just as long to eat

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