I've Missed You, poetry written by Sharona Reeves at Spillwords.com

I’ve Missed You

I’ve Missed You

written by: Sharona Reeves


They say the eyes lead to the soul
I look at you and I know

Many doors have opened
Many doors have closed

I’ve lost my way
Survived by hope alone

Found a path only to walk away

Time after time I’ve been lost and I’ve been found

Destiny not yet met
I spread my wings and fly away again

The art of time ended a chapter yet with a stroke of its brush granted another chance

With this chance in your arms I land
Nature has taken her course

Explored my demons – now in a dream
Not wanting to wake for visions of us my eyes opening would take

Our time is near
I love you so
Now together never to let go

The path won’t be easy but the struggle makes the blessing worth the wait

Our past and our future reunite
Now is better than never & better late than not at all

Best we have found each other broken than to have been together before time and taken a fall

Pieces are mended
Two hearts become one

Hand in hand
Side by side

I’ve missed you and so glad our waiting is done

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