Against Those Tides, a poem by Karima Hoisan at
Jan Betts (Zen Carnival)

Against Those Tides

Against Those Tides

written by: Karima Hoisan


An ocean between us,
The current churned you gone.
Voices whispered, “run-away – just run!”
You cancelled all your flights;
Flew down the desert highway before dawn.

Oh, I had stopped believing
That I would ever see you again.
Erased your disconnected numbers;
Whispered to the walls about your fate
While hours flipped into second year’s end.

Some things are just what they are;
There is no thing or one to take its place.
Tears and panic give way to resolution;
The heart groans and grows a cubit.
Still; no one has your voice-your walk-your face.

Muse of my latter quest,
Cold the waves that buried you from me.
Endless notebooks, filled with loving words
Were the tools I used for slaying
Those devils, trying to push you out to sea.

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