All Hallow's Moon written by Nobby66 at

All Hallow’s Moon

All Hallow’s Moon

written by: Nobby66



Earth mother’s querulous, cindered child
luminously spites hooks on oceans to and fro.
Magnetic manipulations, bewitching nocturnal sailors.
Dry-sulk weeps lunar silt’s dearth of bud or flower.

Party to Demonic, long shadow creeps, at October’s murky end,
when hocus-pocus harridans brew deathly blends
of hemlock, eye of newt and slimed vine wines,
spike the lurid, sacrificial, blood-wet acts.

Ghastly ghouls glee-greet Princess Phosphorescence.
Neck-gnarled converts homage-howl ‘Wolf!’
Undead rap on Dante’s underworldly door…
Beelzebub barbecues the tricked for a treat…



Poem experimentaly written in the style of a Tibetan Folklore Poem, 3 x 4 line stanzas.
Stanza 1…….Contains something permanent
Stanza 2…….Contains something that occurs periodically
Stanza 3…….The consequences of stanza 2 on stanza 1

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