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Already Gone

Already Gone

written by: Ice Brat



Presence may have vanished today,
but gone long before, departed soul
fragile façade hidden in trembling mirages
essence belonged till out of control
blazes scorched the sunny landscape

Make-believe images smiled along
tears blurred extinct pictures,
muddied, obscured memories,
joy downed in tidal waves

Shower cold, wet bowed coil,
posed and cramped on damp tiles,
head bowed down, blue lighted the stall
face a washed as time wouldn’t move
salty tears, clear rain, mingled into nothingness

Pain was a cliché, Pain was the actuality,
unvarnished it swept me away
drowned mermaid left on human shores,
mocked for her affections and truth

Lacerations marked her deep,
unseen, so must not be true
Sharks had left their bite,
beauty left no longer in form or shape

Loner, hatred of man
Lover of people, hater of people
Adrift in shadowy waterways,
directionless in a helpless concern

Dirty tornadoes swept me to oz,
no way home, ruby slippers tattered
Land of my confusion, Land of hopeless
Toto left me to my own device, flew in freedom,
misty curtain kept my view blocked

The thrill has been long gone,
Awaited till no longer a breath could take
Pain on the thrill of game,
became games of tarnished crowns
I have been already gone for so long

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