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Lost Memory

Lost Memory

written by: Ice Brat



Pale, blue moon misted my clouded vision,
saw you in the far distance, traces buzzed the calm
my heart could not forget the taste of you,
I never knew I was starving till I touched you

Moon vanished behind the vengeful clouds,
dark and stormy in a grey sky, angry in itself
wolves howled at the misery of vanished dream,
space where you were disappeared in a bleak haze

Cold, ice chips break on empty days,
entreat in useless hope of displaced memories,
time marched on and you dissolved in hell’s dominion,
illusion turned real and left an empty space in my soul

Ancient Greek Moirai snapped the string which once attached us,
but I could still see the illusion of you in my essence,
shadows and whisper never gone, just disarranged in fates,
missing what once was but never was

Left to starve in the arid desert, dry as a leftover sandstorm,
I played the best I could, but the game was forfeited,
muses decided the outcome, demons called you home,
left to sunken love and empty prayers, I continue on alone


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