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Reflective Soliloquy

Reflective Soliloquy

written by: Wade H Myles


Staring deep, looking at you
You haven’t the slightest revelation
Where you should be?
Where shall you go?
Who you are?
Who should you be?

Many a mile and hill
Have you climbed
For what I cry?
Wasted time, begging to know
Is that all it ever was?

But still time ticks onward
And you spin your web
Only for a weather anomaly
To come along
To blow it all away
Blow it all away

Speak now, for what?
Forever holding no peace
You are but a vagabond
No home to travel unto

See this?
A world that looks at you
But what of it all?
Cold and darkest shadow
A veil that hangs above all
You wear it like a knight’s tabard

Wasted tears, you have cried
Did they only fall in vain?
They stain your face
Like scars of a widow’s mourning
Your eyes have become an open grave
Whispering of a death
No other shall see or care to see

Betrothed to such misery
Wed without want or warrant
But yet still you bear that band
Not wrapped upon your finger
But woven into your flesh and heart
Only unto true death
Shall you ever part

These thoughts and matters be
Of no consequence, I see,
For time waits for no soul
And like this, you shall be
For what length, I dare not know.
Is this the reaping of something sown?

Oblivion is felt with heavy perfume
In this visit, in light and sinew
Its breath toxifies
Like bourbon tastes
Of remorseful anesthesia.
You have drank of that elixir
Not knowing of the repercussions
She hid with the softest of smiles
Amongst her southern belle folds

I speak of this with sorrow seeping
For this is a vision, only I can hold
For, sadly though I wish it were not,
You shall forever and always be
The darkest reflection of me

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