An Age Old Question, poetry by Liam Flanagan at
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An Age Old Question

An Age Old Question

written by: Liam Flanagan



A smile displaying all of one’s own teeth
Nothing false well at least the bottom ones!
A sense of humour laughing more than at his own jokes
Money in his pockets so he can buy dinner and flowers
If he’s a good tipper a sign of financial security and generosity
Looks after his health eating well and getting regular exercise
A worthwhile job with a sturdy roof over his head
An excellent lover sharing the space in your bed
A kind nature who is close to his family and friends
Must like animals
Intelligent and caring towards others even strangers
Maybe has a talent for something artistic like writing or music
Someone who you can genuinely call your soulmate
A charming man who can answer a well-known query
Please tell me exactly what is it that women want?!

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