An Unforeseen Voyage, a poem by Juliya Susan Jose at
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An Unforeseen Voyage

An Unforeseen Voyage

written by: Juliya Susan Jose


Sitting in the midst of a bunch
Not sure whether I’m ready
For this not so long journey.
Trying to immensely hold on
With the graceful vibe
Yearning to embrace
The exuberant destinations
It makes a bold mark,
A kind of evocation
With utmost contentment.

Those bunch of happy faces
Makes me smile as well
It calms for a while
Pushes me hardly to burst out
From the bubble of solitude.
Time fastens its boots
To set an exciting race
I’m parting along with it
Pondering deeply into the
Exhilarating events to see forward.

I heard somewhere that
Travelling satiates us.
It makes us depart in ease
from dreadful thoughts
For the time being.
Let me hope that
This expedition takes me
To that extent of calmness
Voyages may seem alike
But the memories differ.

It’s not a regular jaunt
Rather a new experience
A simple gesture of gallivant.
This is not the end
Yet more to relish upon.
Even though let me be precise
This definitely is an escape,
An unannounced vanishment
Fading out from the plights
To make a shield of assuage.

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