Analytic Anecdotes (A Mexican Marxist Understands Dialectical Analysis) by G David Schwartz at

Analytic Anecdotes (A Mexican Marxist Understands Dialectical Analysis)

Analytic Anecdotes

(A Mexican Marxist Understands Dialectical Analysis)

written by: G David Schwartz



  1.    Men don’t grow a beard to cover their face but to accept / account it.
    2.    There are no absolute trajectories as long as the earth is spinning and if the earth stops, who will care?
    3.    All nurses are beautiful no matter what they look like, it is action and behavior which gives and gets beauty.
    4.    The meaning of life cannot be read in a book. The meaning of life is to be read out of a book.
    5.    Hold to the truth by holding the truth aloft.
    6.    Lauren Bacall was over (more) than three foot tall, for most of her life.
    7.    I am sorry it’s November — the month of chilling absence, alert but vacant feelings. Birch (there are no birches in England except the female dogs) memories so freezing that my teeth chatting make me usable to sing or speak correctly.
    8.    Circling the void which I attempt each year to etch with a broken pencil I play my monic of harpsichord or harmonics.
    9.    I say seeking until I found my memory.
    10.  Puncturing my throat, I am sorry it is November.
    11.  True love brings real good living.
    12.  I am glad that Robert Dylan made it free for folk like me who cannot sing, just get out there and do it. Freedom is free.
    13.  An amazing yet annoying anarchist acted up and out with bliss.
    14.  Don’t drop your name in the propane, Jane. Don’t drop your name in the propane you will for surly get insane, Jane, so don’t drop yore name there.
    15.  Wife rhymes with life, please don’t remind me it also rhymes with strife.
    16.  Only tension rides forward.
    17.  Ideology in general, is a “return” — an abstract form from delay and thus fore (for) not necessary as should be/ become.
    18.  Education can become self-assertion and permission to act with customs and act customs into truth.
    19.  Tolerance is not simply permitted but tolerated.
    20.  Trotters trot, rockers rock, a rocking trotter is occasionally caught.
    21.  Here lays Hercules down on his knees wishing he had a wife named Louise.
    22.  Five syllables, seven then five again — hey hey hey hi coo…. zoo… ku
    23.  Her eyebrows touch the floor when she enters the front door.
    24.  It is tenderizing to think opposites: good, bad, down, up, cold, hot, right, wrong, right, left, right, Lincoln.
    25.  Business as usual is a scheme for accepting a willed blindness.
    26.  Destiny is power but power floats high above the roof of destiny.
    27.  Obfuscations are do dissatisfying because they are opposed to intimacy.
    28.  Assess and dismiss the conversation allows the necessity of thinking into the phenomena of justification.
    29.  Speaking is a manner of assessing and making directions.
    30.  To remove silence is to retain the obligation to think about new as well as old phenomena.
G David Schwartz

G David Schwartz

G. David Schwartz - the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue (1994) and Midrash and Working Out Of The Book (2004). Currently a volunteer at The Cincinnati J, Meals On Wheels. His newest book, Shards And Verse (2011) is now out.
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