Get Real, poetry written by Rob J. Mann at

Get Real

Get Real

written by: Rob J. Mann



I want to write what pleases me,
And let the words flow wild and free.
In praise of love and times of glee,
Pen my thoughts romantically.
But times are hard, you will agree,
So I choose to reflect with commentary,
On all that happens in reality:
People in pain and poverty,
Child abuse, depravity.
Religious war, brutality.
Crimes against humanity.
Instant fame and celebrity,
Through idleness and vanity.
Budget cuts, the death of industry,
Treatment is a postcode lottery,
Drugs in sport, no more equality.
M.P.’s on the take, bribed commercially,
To turn a blind eye to tax escapology.
No manners or respect and even less civility.
Cold, hungry pensioners forced to give up dignity.
We live in a country full of insolence and bigotry,
But before you criticise and have your go at me,
Remember poetry is life and my life’s in poetry.

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