Darkness Waits, a poem written by Verona Jones at Spillwords.com

Darkness Waits

Darkness Waits

written by: Verona Jones



I kneel tonight at your grave,
in the darkness of the night.
Whilst the clouds roll across the skies
and the lightning flashes jagged streaks.

Folded hands shield tear filled eyes
from Morgana as she stands watch.
Staring at me from your gravestone
as the hangman’s noose swings overhead.

My sword I had sworn to you,
your life my blood to keep.
But I have failed and now you rest
in the earthen grave just below my feet.

Ah my sweet it should have been me,
to swing within the stiff hemp rope.
Soon though I will join with you in rest
for Morgana waits to carry my soul.

To summer land where my sweet
once again we shall meet.

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