As Someone Who Sees Me, poetry by Francisco Bravo Cabrera at
Alex Iby

As Someone Who Sees Me

As Someone Who Sees Me

written by: Francisco Bravo Cabrera


If I could see beyond the mirrors in my eyes,
through dark clouds,
black horizons…
what would I
see forming in the shadows
you disguise,
if I’ve mirrors for eyes…

If I could sing as loud as thunder
in the rain,
a light refrain…
what would I say,
what words would fill this
lengthy song,
which words belong…

If I were just a thought that crossed your mind,
a fragment of a molecule,
a second lost in time,
would I still find the rhythm of your beating heart,
that from the start
began to give this shape to me,
would I be free…

If I could see as clear as someone who sees me,
no mirrors to reflect that which will be,
and light that shines towards me that’s come at last
will fill the empty room,
dissipate the gloom,
make dark clouds fly away
and guide me through this day…

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