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Only Love Can Rhyme

written by: Simona Prilogan



Only love can rhyme
When days are getting back in time
In long journey, in discrepancy,
Worrying in the ramparts.

When dawns are catching up
With the whispers of singing flame
And nights dance on the cosmos
The hope for a bright future.

When stars fall and, in our prayers,
Our thoughts are burning in secret,
While the moon cuts his coat
From dust and rain.

When angels light by love,
Over the carved paths in stones,
So, you feel in your heart
That only love can rhyme.

Simona Prilogan

Simona Prilogan

I am a Romanian healthcare professional and an amateur writer of prose and poetry. For about 4 years, English has become my secondary language, as I moved to the UK. Yet one of the biggest challenges is writing poetry in English.
Simona Prilogan

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