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written & translated by: Agnieszka Kuśmierczuk


Let's read it together. From the beginning to the end
F like a pleasant forgetfulness
blue braid weaves the pain of the broken words
D like a common dance over the edge
two different hearts - one pulsing rhythm
J as an unpredictable journey
without returning to the sun at the start
change in different directions
just before a happy end station
you and me - four-leaf luck amiss

Na Opak

written by: Agnieszka Kuśmierczuk


Przeczytajmy to razem. Od początku do końca
Z jak przyjemne zapomnienie
błękitny warkocz wplata ból urwanych słów
T jak wspólny taniec nad krawędzią
dwa różne serca - jeden pulsujący rytm
P jak nieprzewidywalna podróż
bez powrotu do słońca na starcie
przesiadka w różne strony
tuż stacją happy end
ty i ja - czterolistne szczęście na opak

Agnieszka K

Agnieszka K

My name is Agnieszka Kuśmierczuk. I was born in Poland where I still live and work. I am a teacher of English and Russian at a nursery and primary school. In my free time I write poems and paint pictures. I am interested in art and poetry. I started writing poems in 2012. So far I have published my texts in several anthologies. My favourite topics are: nature, angels, feelings, and emotions.
Agnieszka K

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