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written by: Kateri M. Walsh



You tear at my brain aching me to go insane. You preach the darkness to me, let it swallow my skin so you can slither your way in. You throb my vein so the pain can call it by name. By the pain, by the tear, you want the bear. Open my eyes to see the destruction you want from me, you want me to listen to you. You are worthless, this job is too big, you are too small, I will never let you have it all. You pull, you snare you say you will meet me there in my despair. Drop like a pool of blood don’t those veins look so blue up from your skin? Let me in, the fucking beast delivers to the fear of the battlefield of my mind. Who holds the thread that keeps it inside?

If you had called, I might not have written this poem.

But you didn’t, you said I was making you feel guilty while the screams were inside my head.

But I did, I did write this poem and this is where the light comes in:

I will break free of you fucking beast! Till the last breath I take you will bait me, but I will throw you to the sea. While I bask in the sun’s light another day, another night, I still fight, you will never win because no one will tame the warrior within. I will shine with the broken armor holding my arm in victory because you see, you will never defeat me.

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