Betrayal In Love, a poem written by Ger White at
Hisu Lee

Betrayal In Love

Betrayal In Love

written by: Ger White


When they met, when his quiet voice lulled
When he said he loved her carefree ways
And admired her moves, her shoes, her style
When on her breasts his eyes would glaze

He seemed to come alive in their “love”
She was so glad to see him smile
Did not realise it was her, her, her
Who brightened his dull world a while

And as the flies feed off their prey
And vultures gather greedily
He took what he could and walked away
Left her bereft and lost to bleed

But grass will push through any crack
With help from good books and caring friends
With lies torn away and real truths shared
She kept showing up and is on the mend

First truth to learn is – know thyself!
Only from there can we grow and serve

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