Beyond A Dream, written by LadyLily at

Beyond A Dream

Beyond A Dream

written by: LadyLily



No rules in man-made bubbles,
just a recolour of galaxies…
We’ll rocket!
Customised new moments treasure own thinking,
crystalize reality.
Stars hiccup, lightning spears cease,
storms melt into whirls of saffron…
boosting buds, revealing blooms of gold.
No jet shadows overlap our copper threaded journey.
Imagination living in dreams…
No poisoned poppy-red apples
or loss of platinum slippers,
just exploding colours from the Moon’s dark side.
Absent tumbles round the wired Maypole
as our path discloses another chapter
and our future already has a memory.
No passage of time, only violet Violas
streaming into cerise Hibiscus.
Strands of Bougainville…white, lilac…
morph into fluorescent asps.
skins delicate as a dragonfly’s wing.
Miniature Spirits restore our trust,
Auriel, angel of high hope ignites
the imagined truth of what is forever.
Let’s live it anyway…
and plait wrinkled waves with lacy ribbons,
their eyes rolling over, over
as lashes brush golden grains.

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