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written by: Leanne Howard Kenney



You called me
at 5:54 that night
as we drove east
to our favorite restaurant,
the one we’d been to
thousands of times before.

I stared out
the front window
you couldn’t see
my face
from where you sat
backseat, center, leaning forward,

my eyes
pooled with tears,
my throat
Atrabilious my heart
our friendship,

“Ok, you guys,”
came the shrewder of the three
And I,
like my father’s request,
You, on the other hand,
insisted I see
and convert to your stand.

though winning mattered not to me,
it soon became clear
a branch
had been cleaved
from our chosen
family tree



Leanne Howard Kenney

Leanne Howard Kenney

My name is Leanne Howard Kenney. I am a former speechwriter and press secretary for former San Diego City Councilmember current San Diego County Supervisor, Ron Roberts. I am a former Sportswriter. A former political writer. A former public relations copy writer. A former newspaper reporter. A former . . . Apparently, I am a former writer. Well, that is not quite true. I have been writing poetry on my own for quite a while. And, I have been writing the odd article here and there for my own and my friends' pleasure for years. I started posting my poetry approximately a year ago. Where they came from, I know not. I am just glad they came. I hope you enjoy what I have to say.
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