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Gowri Sankar

Sweet Rhythms Of Winter

Sweet Rhythms of Winter

written by: LadyLily



Once proud Pine, King of the lounge,
garden dumped, slumped,
redundant Christmas tree,
frozen arms, thumbs.
Needled myrtle coat, thread-bared to russet.
Clogged by flawed festive bulbs,
whispering between themselves,
teased by sleet soaked tinsel twirls,
still breathing…
Stung by freeze-mint air.

A dolly, felt tip tattooed,
her body ached and throbbed.
Mute of giggles, hair rag-tagged,
deep garnet dress, faded thin, drab.
Lost shoe, lost shawl, lost soul.
Glass eyes, tears captured in time,
snowflakes cling to lashes of copper.
She looks like a Linda.

White powder sizzles under ghost-grey Earth.
Empty pockets decline, decay
as baby blooms inhale first breaths.
Mummified mushrooms, cinnamon, saffron,
thread through crayoned grass, a patchwork mat.
White Crocus flamingly flap open,
their flared frocks bunch as one…
A diamante disc.

Freezing Breezes curl in flurried globs
in Winter’s fairy-tale garden,
as sweet rhythms cradle
and swank
a silhouetted twilight.

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