Borean Winds, poem by Andrew Minhinnick at
Arno Senoner

Borean Wind

Borean Wind

written by: Andrew Minhinnick



Ilissos, river god
has drifted again
moved away
on discordant voiced winds
to sit in Hermitage
at the mouth of the Nega
the Ingrian home
Nyen its first name
not where Phaidros and Socrates stood
by the delightfully clearest
stream bearing his name
that restraint free wanderer
ever running to the Sardonic gulf
delicately discussing
the loss of Oreithyia
to a twisted gust
of Borean wind
that carried her away
to the rocks below
rocks hewn by Ilissos
now just a voiceless echo
a remnant figure
that drifts further
further away from Eridanos
only a tribute to the air
on ever arguing
northern winds

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