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written by: Dr Santosh Bakaya


Last night, scary silhouettes sat on my shoulders
Smirking, sneering, scowling, suffocating and stalking me
Nightmarishly eavesdropping on my dreams.
The gothic ambience sent a chill up my spine
I shuddered and gasped
What albatross was I carrying?
What past guilt was bogging me down?

Something cracked!
Ah, it was the new dawn, just being born
Insinuating itself through the cumulus clouds
Streaks of sunlight, caressed a kite
Bruised like a bludgeoned heart
Entangled in luxuriant boughs.
A birdsong caressed my ears, lulling my fears.
Perched on a hedge a bee dreamt honeyed dreams
The unmistakable fragrance of love lingered in the air
Drowning last night’s smirking, stalking, scowling scare.
A cloud rumbled the throbbing quiver of a girl’s laughter.
My soul stirred, discovering what I was after.
Laughing away the night’s impudence
Intrigued I was by the dawn’s resplendence.

Dr Santosh Bakaya

Dr Santosh Bakaya

SEPT/OCT 2017 AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at Spillwords.com
An academician, essayist-novelist -poet, I have an insane passion to write about everything under the sun or the moon! Some of my books like Ballad of Bapu: [a poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi] and Where are the lilacs? [a collection of 111 peace poems] have been internationally acclaimed. Flights from my terrace is my ebook of 58 essays on Smashwords .
Dr Santosh Bakaya

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