Christmas Morning, written by DEBRA JOSEPH at

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

written by: DEBRA JOSEPH


Waking up to a messy hall,
gift wrappers and gifts all over the floor,
paper plates and wine glasses under the chairs,
cake crumbs and pieces of ginger bread lying on the ground;
what a mess the hall is.

Hot cocoa boiling, in the kitchen,
children screaming everywhere,
Christmas carols playing in every house,
merriment everywhere.

The aroma of freshly baked cakes, cookies and buns
comes from the kitchen,
as the turkey is getting ready to be tossed into the oven.

The maid walks in with a tray filled with broken cutlery,
result of the Christmas eve party.
She looks at me and I smile back at her,
it happens once year.

Ah that Christmas morning is one busy morning,
guests going to arrive in a while
black coffee in my hand,
the bell rings as I hurry to open the door
there comes my first guests
with kids behind them screaming on top of their voice.

Christmas morning is the busiest morning
as the merriment does not stop happening

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