Clover Drink or Dinner, a poem by Sherry Healy at
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Clover Drink or Dinner

Clover Drink or Dinner

written by: Sherry Healy


My clover bloomed today
Green leaves, I shall not toss away

Some say it can bring fine fortune
Four leaves promise I will get a just portion

A leprechaun’s lucky charm ☘️☘️
Not to bear any harm

I will cart the luck inside my pocket
Hold it as if a golden locket

Wear it around my neck
Show it due respect

My clever clover will be my joy
I certainly will use and employ

Live a charming life
Cause no unwanted strife

I shall be content
From above these four sent

It blooms a February day
I am grateful I must say

Dressed in Shamrock green
Best hue I have ever seen

Green M&Ms
Jelly beans, my friends

Watermelons too
A pun I do just for you

Out for the night
Celebrate, I just might

A bubbly beer
A frosty green cheer

Night time party
Bar food is more than hardy

Be awake till two
Sleep tomorrow til noon

Just for tonight
Shout and party I might

Clover in my hand
My St. Patty’s plan


Corn Beef and Cabbage
Leg of Lamb, I do ravage
Mashed Potatoes too

Celebrate for me and you
Yes I will certainly do

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