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Contemplated Time

Contemplated Time

written by: Geovanni Villafañe



once again trapped in this thing called time
watching as the last of the grains of sand
pass ever so slowly through the narrow path
contemplating knowing if you’ll make it at last
thinking of the things you’ve lost in the past
reflecting on how it plays a pivotal role, time
we all allow it to affect the way we react
the full spectrum of emotions, happiest to sad
damn it, I’m late; where the hell am I at
I knew I took the wrong turn now I’m mad
amazed at the games it plays, this time
I could have sworn we still had a minute
better hurry the hell up or we won’t get in it
bet you didn’t add this to how you spend it
one thing for certain, we’ve all experienced it
give up your hurried life is how you defeat time

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