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written by: Anushka Maheshwary



The psychedelic beauty of silence,
And the pandemonium of rebellion.
The wanderlust of a fiery heart
Still yearning for the safe haven: your backyard.
Searching for the fountain of youth
Seeking your lost childhood.
Terrified of oblivion,
Yet fancy being anonymous.
Life is a contradiction,
A compilation of highs and lows,
But it's all in the way you see things
Your perspective and what you believe in
For only when the solemn hour saw the death of the true blue
Freedom was reestablished and courage born again.


I have a request before you start reading. CLOSE YOUR EYES. IMAGINE. Let every line lead you to a world of contemplations. Every word a new conflict, a new discovery. Take my poem and make it yours, make it better. Happy Reading!

Anushka Maheshwary

Anushka Maheshwary

Trying too hard to be the writer I aspire to become one day.
In love with all things 'Wilde'.
Anushka Maheshwary

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