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written by: TM DiSarro



Cupid shot his arrow
Like a hit man on the run
Just a scene out of the Godfather
When all was said and done
You fell head over heals
Like being shoved into a van
Then you set your sights on my heart
Like I was the only man
He made you think you loved me
Like you couldn’t live without it
But when I asked you for your hand
You said forget about it
You thought I was a strong man
Like some Michael Corleone
But just the way the movie plays
He finds himself alone
Then you bumped off all my enemies
And also all my friends
Your jealous rage is off the page
When trying to get your ends
For when it comes to brass tacks
You have no will to choose
The offers come along so fast
And you cannot refuse
That little pink rat bastard
With his fluffy wings and tights
Started messing with your memory
When you turned off all the lights
But that is not the only thing
As far as I recall
A Valentine’s day massacre
All lined up on a wall
Cutting down emotions
With no witnesses behind
Leaving me a blood stained card
And roses for my mind
You rattled anger bullets
Just like Sonny on the causeway
Left me dying on the pavement
Without nothing left to say
And just when I was laying there
Pretending to be dead
You slowly walked up to me
And you kicked me in the head
See this sprite is just a wiseguy
With a trigger finger itch
Just a psychopathic monster
And the quintessential snitch
Telling secrets to the lovelorn
Stealing kisses on the sides
Filling in the blanks with candy
Burying the truth with lies
He’s just a troublemaker
That the people know as Cupid
And I’m just another Fredo
Feeling somewhat weak and stupid


© 2017 TM DiSarro/MindScapesPublishing



From the collection: ELTON SKELTON
Photo Collage: TM DiSarro

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