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written by: Taru Of Hearts



Go with the flow
But whose flow are you gonna go
Yours or someone else's
If I dance to your verses will it take away my flow and where will it go?

Your current is strong
But I wanna go on
With my own senses
Not battling fences wherever I go

I want harmony and peace
A strong current with maximum ease
To do as I please...
Strongest current I Am
through the seas

Taru Of Hearts

Taru Of Hearts

Found myself to be a some kind of a poet couple years back and I just love the feeling when the words are flowing in my head and better yet - when I catch them to paper! I believe that love is the only true reality and that we are all one and that you can smell from my poetry. My mission is to spread love and some nice words just simply because that is good and in this world needed.
Taru Of Hearts

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