Dance of Death, poetry written by Deepika at
Syarafina Yusof

Dance of Death

Dance of Death

written by: Deepika


How alive are we,
Before we actually die,
How many times do we die,
While we are actually alive.

Letting go of the ego, is the new catchphrase to follow,
Live in the moment, and go with the flow,
Be alive, and take a vow,
To open up and let your heart lead the show!

Holding back, and preserving things,
A perfume pack, for the special day of spring,
A scented candle for that special evening,
Little before, do we realize, it’s time for mourning.

Light up those scented candles, to brighten the evenings,
Spray the fragrance of love, so they permeate in the surroundings,
Enjoy the spread the floral prints on the satin sheet,
Listen to your favorite music and dance to its beats.

Wake up from your deep slumber of false ego and pride,
Live your dreams, before you leave on your funeral ride,
You are invited to join the “Dance of Death”,
Before you realize, your dear ones, would place on your grave, a flower wreath!

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