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Dancing In The Dark

written by: Ugwu Leonard Elvis


Swallowed by the walking rays of darkness
Envisioned by gory shadows of emptiness
Our tail dangled like barking dogs in the cage
Waiting to capture creeping rays of the stage

We walk lonely like a blind ghost, coast to coast
Our eyes served in a plate as supper from our host
As we swim paradox’s abdomen, waiting to digest
The turgidity of life assorted with ingenuity and jest

Yet we twist our waist to the gig of the street madness
With our feet clasping piti-pata to the rocky sands foaming dust
Dancing with the ear, holding our impaired vision in sadness
This is Life! A vision-less home, where dancer’s melody rust

Bleeding in darkness, we feel the pain, but we see no blood
This is why we must lay to the feet of a mighty lord
Who thus said, “come to me and I shall give you rest…”
“I am the light of the world” shining from east to west…

This is my plight in poetry; that we may not dance in the dark but light
I grew wings to Nineveh; I will not sleep in the belly of a shark for a night

Ugwu Leonard Elvis Ifeanyi

Ugwu Leonard Elvis Ifeanyi

Ugwu Leonard Elvis with the pseudonym “Leonard D Great” is a young Nigerian poet, writer and playwright. He is a PGD student of English and literary studies of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He studied political science to Masters Level and won the best poet of the year 2012 and 2013 respectively from the Caritas University Literary and Arts Association (CAULAA) where he obtained his first degree in political science. Ugwu Leonard Elvis is the author of the popular poetic reflection titled ‘Echoes of the invisible’ 2017 (published by Author House, USA). He compiled the Anthology of Peace for the World Union of Poets (WUP) published by Atunis poetry 2016. His poems have been published in websites, newspapers, magazines and notable anthologies. He is the ‘Big Squire’ of the World Union of Poets, a laureate at World Nations Writers Union (WNWU) and former coordinator of the Creative Writers Association of Nigeria (CWAN) Enugu state chapter. Currently, Ugwu Leonard Elvis works at the Arts faculty center, University of Nigeria Nsukka.
Ugwu Leonard Elvis Ifeanyi

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