Irresisitible, poetry written by Jayanta Bhaumik at
Naqi Shahid



written by: Jayanta Bhaumik



In this unready evening, there is no
flower-vase, no water-aroma, no letters full
with good words of distance, whispers and
frisky delights, nothing spiraling and playful,
no edited scripts from any length of
crimson, remarkable life
Instead, I need my sense linking to
you’re unmistakable vast
I suddenly see this cityscape, these random
memory-specks, an iota of rainbow-gloss, maybe
droplets collected from daily-chores, all as if
engulfed by your sequel of timelessness
And, tonight, when I begin speaking of love, it looks
like I am once again on the way to complete all
my old, abandoned poems of destiny

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