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In This Weird Room

written by: Jayanta Bhaumik



In a room of this house, there is a corner looking
like a meme’s face, – it spits a smile as you trust in its way,
as it drags a range of makings to all the ages when
pressed into it. To all the men and women hand in hand,
it says it has to offer a dinner of a spectrum… A dinner like a
cheesy circle of the moon, eaten and eaten over by the dark
of this earth. Mother of the child when laughs out loud,
the moon is again full of pale milky wines. In this room, a corner
looks like an unabashed figure, struggling with a size that
asks for the free: sometimes, such a size forgets what is a room, –
what is a hazy place or a crevice in the dream? It is not a geeky
haven just with a floor and a sofa; this room has a corner
like a silence changing its dress, – and this new apparel, can
make you so alone, all of a sudden, – then you shiver, you beg for
a room, another corner, again, again. But there’s no place, no you
can’t change your mind, no keepsake granted for your
ever-roving life. The truth is there’s no corner, no never is it
made for your heart

Jayanta Bhaumik

Jayanta Bhaumik

Jayanta Bhaumik is from Kolkata, India, basically from the field of metaphysics and esoteric studies. He visits Singapore and other south-east Asian countries regularly for his professional reasons. His works can be found in Poetry Superhighway, Juked Magazine, Goat's Milk Magazine, Scarlet Leaf Review, Zombie Logic Review, Mad Swirl (Contributing Poet), Vita Brevis Journal, Fourth and Sycamore, Crepe & Penn, Poppy Road Review, Spillwords, Cajun Mutt Press, Merak Magazine, Pif Magazine, Better Than Starbucks, Pangolin Review, Everything in Aspic, Academy of the Heart and Mind, Bindweed Magazine, PPP Ezine, Literati Magazine, Uppagus, also upcoming Theta Wave, Streetcake Magazine.
Jayanta Bhaumik

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