Day at The Coast, poetry by Remy Dambron at

Day at The Coast

Day at The Coast

written by: Remy Dambron


before we see the ocean
we can often smell it

rich brine of dampened weeds
salts and sun kissed kelp beds
blankets of algae stretching across the surface

scent so familiar we almost taste it
earth’s sulphury coast

coming alive

before we see the ocean
we can often hear it

gulls of the sea singing as they soar
swooping as they spot snacks
to snag with noisy beaks

boat horns blowing in the distance
frothy waves crashing
hollowed shells whispering among rocky shores

before we see the ocean
we can often feel it

misted marina breeze soothing
our cheeks
soft air enveloping our skin

a cosmic energy seducing us
like lunar lures
leveraging tides and sandy pools

when we finally see the ocean blue
everything else for a moment fades away

as we look out toward the edge of the world
moved by its magnificence
enchanted with its boundless wonder

lost anew in its eternal bliss

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