Days That I Remember, poem by Mike Henry at
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Days That I Remember

Days That I Remember

written by: Mike Henry


There are days that I remember
And many I do not
Those happy days, those golden days
When I thanked god for my lot
When I thought things can’t get better
And rejoiced in all I had
Though in my heart I always knew
That with good days come the bad

There were days that brought the sunshine
And days with chilling rain
There were days of happy laughter
And days of numbing pain
Some days were filled with simple hope
And some were filled with dread
Sometimes I would regret the days
When my heart controlled my head

But through it all in retrospect
When I think of days gone by
And remember all life’s ups and downs
That have made me laugh or cry
Or recall the days of youthful fun
And those of quiet rest
I thank the stars I lived them all
And know that I’ve been blest.

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