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written by: G.R. Weslo



Day  1   Burns
Day  2   Hurts
Day  3   Tears
Day  4   “give in”
Day  5   “No, don’t”
Day 10   Hot coals
Day 11   Sickened by life
Day 12   Sickened by love
Day 13   Sickened by You
Day 14   Sickened by You
Day 15   Sickened by You
Day 16   Why have I done this
Day 17   Sitting in the hole I dug, no longer fun
Day 18   The sun is too bright sober
Day 30   You didn’t lose her
Day 31   She fits in your embrace
Day 40   You want to be high
Day 41   If you get high she won’t leave
Day 42   But she should
Day 43   You wouldn’t be able to look at her if you fail
Day 44   You like to look at her
Day 45   You deserve her and she deserves you
Day 50   Each day is like a marathon
Day 51   You wouldn’t have it any other way
Day 55   “FUCK”
Day 60   She is the importance in your life

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