Death Note, written by Hayley Burwood at

Death Note

Death Note

written by: Hayley Burwood



Feel you want to die
feel this is the last time
here’s a story of how it came true
and the family’s emotions too

the brother knocked on the door
it was the tea time call
there was no answer there was no sound
his sister was laid asleep on the ground
as he gently tried to nudge her arm
to wake her then to his daunting alarm
there was no movement he began to cry
he found a note laying by her side
the note saying she couldn’t take no more
he just didn’t understand why or what for
tears started streaming down his face
called to mum and dad together they raced
collapsed to the floor and looked away
couldn’t bear to be without her in any way
days went by they blamed themselves lots
they can’t believe they never forgot
the school went silent no words was spoken
the bullies held their heads in shame
no more did they bully but the scars still remain
the day has come when they lay her down to rest
with lovely flowers laying on her chest
people were remembering her smile
and remembering her laugh just for a while
days months years gone by
still never forgot the tears that they cried

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