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written by: Kalam Babu


An euphoric melody plays
With each note,
the lyrics paint a picture
with a calligraphy
that dances with the soul;
with one arm aloft and eyes closed
you are swaying your hips.
I meet you in the song.

A different day:
Trinket beats, sitar strums, guitar plucks
Rain outside the mall, silky skirt, warm tea
I funk it up and the funk won’t run out
I meet you in another song.

Then, another day –
Pulsating rhythms, reverberating beats
Bee Gees Staying Alive or an A.R. Rahman Chaiyyan
Or Aise na mujhe tum dekho
Waltzing in a steamy stream,
I meet you again in another song.

Another dusk:
The tune begins and I roll my tongue
Tingles sweetened with mouth freshener
Maneouvred through rubbery taste
A carnal rendezvous as
I meet you yet again in another song.

Every composition is a reminder of how much I adore you.
The lyrics speak to me in ways that my words cannot express.
I think: this is how I should articulate, this is how we should celebrate.
But it’s only temporary as it is outdone in another song.
And I think again: this is how I should articulate, this is how we should celebrate.

From the upside hungry mouth grab to
the downside insert led by your hand
After the tempo peaks into a crescendo
The music grades into stillness
Then, a muscle grip throb and my giggle
That which has been said is said again:
I love you deeply more than I can ever convey
I love you deeply more than you can ever fathom.
And I will keep meeting you in one song or another.

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