Defining The Miles, poetry written by Greg Massey at
Oscar Chevillard

Defining The Miles

Defining The Miles

written by: Greg Massey



You should be here,

Wherever here may be.

It’s no fault of yours
that miles separate our embraces
or pecks on our cheeks.

But, those miles do interfere
and create confusion
when our lives should not be lived
as hazy and undefined.

So I define myself as the man
who stands for you
when flak from life’s battles fills our sky.

And I vow to welcome wisdom,
and ask for it to be gentle in its approach,
so that you have no fear as you hold my hand
when opportunity allows.

Let us define the miles according to our terms;
Where the only erected barriers are to keep
us safe from the intentions of undisciplined

Let us define the miles as a path
where Love’s journey may run its course
until there are no more miles between us.

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