Dementia, a poem by JOHN BAVERSTOCK at





Barbara visiting her husband,
A trip she regularly makes,
He is staying in a place of care,
Whilst she has a well-earned break,
Geoff her husband,
Has had dementia,
For nearly 10 years,
Barbara loves him so much,
So often leaves in tears,

Is that our Margret,
Or is it Jean,
I have missed you,
Where have you been,
Your late coming today,
Where’s mum?
Is she busy cooking dinner?
is that why she’s not come,
Hi Geoff its Barbara,
how are you?
Barbara who?
Your wife Geoff,
Sorry love who are yer,
How’s me Dad doing,
Where’s me Mother,
Bet he’s still in pub,
Me dad likes a drink,
Will me mum be coming,
What do you think?
Jean it is you Jean,
It is Jean how’s dad?
I’ve just finished work,
It wah right bad,
Last shift for the week,
Are you listening Margret,
Last shift.. yes work done,
Can’t wait Can’t wait,
To see mum…
Can’t wait..

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