Democracy, a poem written by Ricky Hawthorne at



written by: Ricky Hawthorne



I hear him breaking in
Dismantling the window frame
Knowing I am aware of his presence
Content with my terror

I saw him, before
Gathering his resolution
Assured of my defencelessness
And the precariousness of my every
Waking moment
Inside the gaol of my own domesticity
Confident in my inability to
Persuade those who should protect me
The force of their indifference equaled only
To the promise of his malevolence
A re-imagined horror
75 year ancient

In those innocent days
I knew who the enemy was
But I triumphed over that foe
Despite my youthful fears
For I was young and strong, now
I am only old and frail.

“I fought a war for you” I cry
As his fist crushes my cheekbone
“Did you?” he mocks

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