DISTRESSED DENIMS, written by Dilip Mohapatra at Spillwords.com



written by: Dilip Mohapatra



The display board at the
Arrivals announces
the flight to be on time
and as we wait for our
teen age granddaughter
coming to spend her
summer vacation with us
we continue to worry
since she was travelling alone
for the first time

Then we spot her emerging
at the exit
dragging her stroller
and with a big smile
framed with her glossed lips
a new phenomenon for us
that tells us how
has she grown up from
the chubby little girl
unsure and shy
clinging unto her mother’s hand
and squeezing her finger
in her tiny fist
that we were used to.

Suddenly my wife gives
out a suppressed scream
and runs over to her and bends
down to examine her knees
popping out of the frayed
slits on her jeans and exclaims
if she slipped on the gangway
or the cemented walkway
and torn her pants
and if she had injured herself.

My eyes however are stuck with
the hanging threads
from her crop top
and I tell her about
the Irish pennants on a naval uniform
that could spell disaster
to the wearer.

Then she chuckles
and enlightens us thus.

You see folks
this is the latest fashion statement
and comes in many forms
shredded frayed
tattered torn
subtly ribbed with knee cuts
ripped and patched
sometimes with messy ankle rolls
and to go by it
a pinstriped slouchy blazer perhaps,
or a quirky ribbed T
very neat
for a Saturday brunch or
for time-to-get-my-life-together missions
or for an impromptu margarita night
with your girlie gang
or watching an IPL match
with your buddies in a lazy afternoon
while touching base with your inner tomboy
and boarding a weekend flight
or perhaps a movie
and dinner out in a summer night.

Then she gestures with her
hooked fingers and
shakes her head from side to side
with a smirk on her lips and says
Yoo hoo
peek a boo, you don’t see me
I see you!
You got to make your choice
if you may like to be a prime punk
or be happy being
just a fossilised frump!

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