Dock Leaf written by Ricky Hawthorne at

Dock Leaf

Dock Leaf

written by: Ricky Hawthorne



This forest was ours once
Before we knew each other

Not so long ago the pepper light
That trickles through these trees
Illuminated our rambling
Among the reds and browns
When romance stemmed no further
Than holding hands and swinging them
Like schoolchildren
We swapped banalities like spies trade secrets
And laughed all the more
Our breaths billowing
Like exhaust fumes on winter mornings

So many paths we stumbled over
Oblivious and happy
Myriads of mattes and glosses
Assailing our senses
With every new fork
Until I noticed the white grass
Beneath our feet
And yesterday’s footprints

That last day, clipping the heads off bluebells
With a thin dislocated branch
You stung yourself
And we hunted all over the wood
For the plant that would soothe the pain
Stumbling upon it by chance and I
Gently rubbed away the sting

Your blisters healed, I remember
But I never again found that blasted shrub

Ricky Hawthorne

Ricky Hawthorne

Short listed for the Bridport Poetry Prize 2015
Graduate of Warwick University
Triple honors in Literature, Theater and Film
Ricky Hawthorne

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