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written by: Joseph McCarthy


When you drink normal coke
Your lips taste like cherry coke

2’s on your cancer stick
Makes for the smoothest smoke

Swiggin’ from a cheap bottle with you
Is smooth like the proof est brew

You make feel alive so naturally
I wanna die with you

Now it’s all decaf tea
And early nights are fine by me

Even when woke by the bin lorry
You’re the first thing that I see

Christmas has been cancelled
So I take down your stockings

Auld langs syne, not high but don’t mind
A clock stricken kiss would grant my one wish x

Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy is an artist, poet, tree surgeon and former chef from Cambridge, England. Seeing beauty and opportunity everywhere, whether it's carving from rare wood, composing songs inspired by nature or making meals from homegrown produce: his mission is to create. He lives together with his partner in a cottage in a village in South Cambridgeshire soon to be joined by their first child.
Joseph McCarthy

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