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Don’t Fall In Love

Don’t Fall In Love

written by: Chey Ruble


It will seem sincere,
Honest and true.
But in the end
You’ll be broken too.

Stay away from them,
The silver-tongued snakes
Because love isn’t worth it,
Don’t put your heart at stake.

Face of an Angel,
Heart of a demon,
Don’t fall in love
Or you’ll regret what you’re feeling.

Save yourself the trouble,
Heartache and pain.
They’ll put up a front of sunshine,
Though they’re nothing but rain.

Don’t fall for their words,
False promises, and lies.
They’ll ignore all your problems
And ignore all your cries.

So whatever you do,
Remember your value.
Don’t put up with less
Because your life will continue.

I warned you before
And I’ll warn you again
Don’t fall in love
Or you’ll wish you were dead

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