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Rise From Devastation

written by: Geovanni Villafañe



Is It Going To
Take Us Being
The Disastrous
Hard Devastation
To Become Unified
As One Nation

Will It Have
To Come to Our
Doorstep Before
We Say This Is
Some Sort Of
False Deviation

They Can't Keep
Hiding the Factual
Acts of Madness
Reflected On The
Death of Innocence
In a Real Realization

There's No More
Trying to Speak On
This Can't Happen
Right in Front Of
A Twisted Vision Of
Total Annihilation

Geovanni Villafañe

Geovanni Villafañe

I'm a poet, writer and lyricist. Sometimes my styles cross.
I speak my mind through my writing. But I don't fear speaking in words as well as my actions.
Geovanni Villafañe

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