Dust, poetry by Deni Neighbour at Spillwords.com
Marek Piwnicki



written by: Deni Neighbour


I don’t want to leave you, I really don’t, but one day I must
When old age loosens her grip on me and my body turns to dust
Where will I go after? Heaven? Does God even exist?
Or were there lies taught in church and there’s nothing after this?

I so love you all
That’s the reason that I live
Life is so fragile

How will I end up? A name on a stone? A photo in a frame?
While people try to remember stories about me or forget my name
Will I be on a mantelpiece looking down, a poignant, happy face
Unable to breathe or think or hear or caress or kiss or taste

Please don’t let me die
I really don’t want to leave
My heart is thumping

I don’t want to become dust, I don’t want to be there
The fact is we are just born to die, that’s hardly really fair
But what scares me, haunts me, keeps me awake at night
Is the thought of leaving you all behind and losing you from sight

I’m so, so frightened
I am hoping God is real
To reunite us

I want to live. I want to laugh. I want to love forever
I want to store you in every single heartbeat and keep us together
My reason for living, my very being, belongs with all of you
Embedded in my very pores and inhaled in each breath too.

I love, love, love you
My heart is breaking right now
Hold on really tight

Never, never let go of my hand.

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