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written by: Kevin D Parish


I followed the echo
Not knowing its source.
Was it pain or desire
Just running its course?

Laughing at the memories
Built over the years.
Sinking in the loneliness
Floundering in the tears.

Beckoning for the ship
To find me lost at sea.
No harbor mooring, solitude,
The anchor did break free.

How did I find the Albatross
With magic in its clutch?
My soul alight upon the breeze
Never to be touched.

So, let me float away, my friend,
There is nothing to be found.
The echo on the fog is me.
It will surely drag me down.

Kevin D Parish

Kevin D Parish

Misplaced Southerner living in the Midwest. Loving husband, father, grandfather, author, song-writer, poet and artist.
Kevin D Parish

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