Embalm, a poem written by Madhumita at Spillwords.com
Matthew Brodeur



written by: Madhumita



will time teach me to embalm
embalm myself and preserve
preserve for you
you the cause of my pain
pain and pleasure
pleasure that is hidden
hidden somewhere like that painful splinter
splinter that shall hurt forever
forever lifelong till you come
come out of the darkness
darkness that is now a part of me
me who still waits forgotten by you
you and the world together
together with the darkness my desires burn
burn to keep that lamp glowing
glowing for all to see
see and trace the path to my world
world that is colourless and dreary without you
you for whom I burn
burn with the lamp all through the night
night that may one day show you the path
path leading to me and my heart
heart that craves and cries
cries and tries to mix tears with colours
colours that I try to splash
splash around to keep my dreams fresh
fresh as the lily that flowers
flowers that wait with me for you
you to return one day to me
me who will learn from time to embalm
embalm and preserve myself for you

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