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October Hues

written by: Kr. Chamling


The cool October mornings break into
Hot lovely days filled with happiness as the torquesic
Green lowlands and the blood stone blue in distant
Hills make fascinating habitats: terrain of Shangri-la
Dappled with white stretches under the blur mists,

People from fixed-unfixed abodes become the part
Of the performer along the dances of their age:
The past and present with the twitters of autumn’ green
Languages express out of long monsoon mourn, now
The joyful chorus of surroundings resound with beauty,

The distance wayfarers off the wheels, backpack- heavy
On their tired back, but the sweats of ecstasy,
They wipe and dragged by the whispers of loves, smoky
Walls, floras and faunas- the season’s swaying ripening
Crops and cracks get them asleep in the evening lullabies.

Krishna Chamling aka Kr. Chamling

Krishna Chamling aka Kr. Chamling

Mr. Krishna Chamling, Kr. Chamling, is from, the land of Mt. Everest and the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal. He writes about social issues. He is a lecturer by profession. He has visited many countries in the past; seen and experienced many ups and down, trials and tribulations in people’s lives throughout Indian subcontinents, the Middle East, African sub-Samarian to Europe: those of the subaltern.
Krishna Chamling aka Kr. Chamling

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